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Tweeters Say Yes to Promoted Tweets

Twitter announced the introduction of ads into the users streams to grumbles of discontent. Many users, myself being one, felt it would ruin the user experience and pollute their news feed to have tweets from accounts they did not follow. However, Level42 has released research that suggests Twitter are handling their advertising very effectively.

The number of users who held an overtly negative attitude to Twitter’s current main advertising method, Promoted Tweets, was down at around 10%. It seems the majority of  users are pretty happy with the promoted tweets.



Twitter has long been concerned with finding the balance between making the platform an attractive platform for advertisers and thereby monetising the massive amounts of traffic they drive and not annoying users. The strive for this lead to them ending in-stream advertising in 2010. As with their other forays in advertising, Twitter is going to roll out in-stream ads gradually to gauge reaction.

Striking this balance is seen as absolutely crucial and a wrong move could have a massive impact on the platforms popularity. However, it is in a much stronger position now than it was in its early days and can be more aggressive with its advertising offering. I’m not trying to make the obvious point that it’s strong because of its own popularity; it is stronger now because attitudes have changed. People are less guarded towards social networks and less ready to switch platforms. They’re much more willing to be sold to whilst tweeting. As Twitter has become mainstream it has been adopted by brands for advertising and customer service anyway. As the Level42 research shows, most people already follow at least one brand. As long as they are not excessive, most users wont feel too irritated by ads in their stream.

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